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Micro-Report of Yachting, Coastal RealEstate, PR & Digital Mgmt, Asia and Destinations framing Success and Digital Disruption.

Report: 50 (10. Dec. 2018 - 16. Dec. 2018)

Thanks for the last 33 years!

(Editors Note | Update)
… this was the message at the 27th Nov. 2018 from the management board after the meeting and canceling the worlds biggest tech fair. The days after many unprofessional statements followed.

In 1986, the first IT fair (CeBIT) in Hannover (Germany) opened its doors. An inglorious opening, but did not prevent the success.
Now in 2018 the CeBIT ends abruptly and also ingloriously. The Digital Disruption becomes a common topic.

But this is not all, Germany will face more problems in the near future. And its all about MANAGEMENT and POLITICIANS or BOTH as most members of the boards are politicians. rep10_2
Talking about MANAGEMENT in Germany we mostly see experienced leadership with an old-fashioned annual 5% growth mindset believing the Digital Disruption is served for the next generation.

And as the POLITICIANS haven't or were not able to prepare the future we cannot expect successful young C-Position managers raising the country back from the ground. Knowing this many already working abroad.

As a summary we can enjoy watching US and Chinese corporations celebrating many "Black Fridays" in Germany and becoming slowly but sure main share holders.

From Chinese management schools we can hear the sound of 再见德国…
And my suggestion for the lower management: start learning Mandarin to understand your future boss!

• CeBIT 2019 to be cancelled on nauticwebMedia.com. [24]1850p

If leaders don't listen they will be mostly surrounded by people who have nothing to say!

Note: Listening specially to youngsters requires humility.


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Benetti Yachts 63m Metis launched and 49m Elaldrea+ delivered
by @norbertomoreau

Benetti delivered the M/Y Elaldrea+ 49m to its owner. Sleek, streamlined exterior lines designed by Argentinian architect Horacio Bozzo are matched by exquisite interiors decorated by the Benetti Style Department. en.nauticwebnews.com/12466
At Benetti’s Livorno shipyard, the Metis 63m entered the water for the very first time. The innovative yacht was designed for a German owner. More on en.nauticwebnews.com/12470

(picture) Elaldrea+
Yacht Moments as consultant have been in charge of the project management during the whole building period. Metis has a surface of 162 square meters Exterior Design: Giorgio M. Cassetta
Interior Design: Bannenberg & Rowell and Birgit Otte
(video Metis)

Upcoming World Record attempt with Thunder Child II
by NauticWebNews

Safehaven Marines first of class 50kt, quad drive transatlantic vessel XSV20 'Thunder Child II' takes her shape. She is expected to be launched in a couple of months after more work done. It is planned on setting a new Trans-Atlantic World record on this latest design in 2019.

The voyage is 4,500 km from Newfoundland, Canada to Ireland in an Arctic Circle route via Greenland and Iceland. It’s a pretty extreme route as we will have to contend with sea ice and North Atlantic seas, but what a way to test and prove our new design.
Read more about the different routes and the technical details on NauticWebNews/12448 .[21]

NUEVO: Salón Náutico de Sevilla, España
by @norbertomoreau

El Muelle de las Delicias del Puerto de Sevilla acogerá en junio de 2019 el Primer Salón Náutico de Sevilla, la primera exposición de este sector en un puerto marítimo de interior en España.

La iniciativa está promovida por Cota Cero CTV. Read more in es.nauticwebnews.com/3898[27]2306

Battle Of The Boat Shows
by @norbertomoreau

Phuket's next boat show season has hit stormy seas with the proposed new Thailand Yacht Show Rendezvous being ambushed by a revitalized 'PIMEX', now called the Phuket Yacht Show. Tim Newton from The Thaiger Magazine in Thailand mad a handy video summary

what's going on ...

As published by NauticWebNews … Thailand and Singapore Yacht Show join forces with Asia Rendezvous Events (en.nauticwebnews.com/11515), or Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show 2018 Thailand (en.nauticwebnews.com/12219) [28]1878

China Cup aerial shooting is coming!
by @norbertomoreau

The China Cup International Regatta (中国杯帆船赛) in waters of the Daya Bay Shenzhen and in Ching Chau of Hong Kong, approved by General Administration of Sport of China finished with high participation. Now after a couple of weeks the first for publication confirmed panoramas coming in.

Beauty is crying! NauticWebNews will make them available on Instagram @nauticwebnews_.
See Daya Bay´s panoramic areal views, the sweet smiles of the young ladies, referees watching the game with breath and the eve of the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Rally. Many beautiful pictures worth of appreciation.[34]1751

DAMEN sponsored a Hack Event of young professionals
by @norbertomoreau

Damen Shipyard has sponsored and participated the ‘Shipathon 2018’ the first collaborative computing event of the maritime industry. This followed a recent participation in the collaborative computing ‘Hackathon’ event.

At the Shipathon 16 teams spent 18 hrs 52 mins crunching data to find solutions for 3 big issues facing the sector today. They took 80 young professionals aged from 18 to 35 and placed them in randomly-selected teams of five. Each team then had to come up with a solution to one of three real-life challenges which could realistically be implemented within ten years. Each team was supported by an expert mentor. The time allowed was 18 hours and 52 minutes (to reflect the 1,852m in a nautical mile), after which all the teams made their presentations.
Damen was a Silver Sponsor.
(Editors Note: A great initiative to teach problem detections and solutions!) [42]1281

Redevelopment of Bijela shipyard in Montenegro
by @norbertomoreau

The superyacht builder Damen, the operating group Adriatic Marinas and the Montenegrin Government sign a contract for redevelopment of Adriatic Shipyard Bijela in Boka Bay, Montenegro.

A great opportunity for Montenegro’s fast-growing tourism and marine leisure industry. Read about the plans, statements and see an Aerial Video en.nauticwebnews.com/12477[43]1281

Monaco Best Manager of the Year
by @norbertomoreau

Best Manager of the Year for Gaëlle Tallarida, MYS MD at "Monaco Eco Trophies 2018". The Ceremony rewarded 7 dynamic leaders in Monaco. Since 1991, the Monaco Yacht Show proudly embodies Monaco destination and delivers the world's #1 superyacht hub. The MYS is the

world's leading superyacht event. 580 exhibiting companies, 120 superyachts, and 40 tenders. [44]337

Photo: Regata Barcolana (Trieste, Italy). The most crowded sailing regatta in the world! 2018 in total 2689 sailing yachts with over 25,000 people on the water and 300,000 on land. More on NauticWebNews.
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Women stop doing this in meetings - Mel Robbins
by norbertomoreau

Women, the next time you're in a meeting or in a classroom and you get the urge to be the only person taking notes...put the pen down. You have something of worth to say, and you won't say it if you're focused on writing down others peoples ideas. The first step to finding your voice, is using it.

Mel Robbins, Host of #1 Best Selling Audible Original "Kick Ass with Mel Robbins", Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, and Speaker. melrobbins.com

(Editors Note:) it is a nice tech idea, but a bit questionable. I started practicing something like that with my secretary 1996 when launching a chain of REMAX offices in Germany. But it was less for an active participation in an executive debate as more for receiving a better and profund opinion of her about agreements and the participants. Listen to other opinions is sometimes helpful. [15]2255

China launches a nationwide 5G trial
by @norbertomoreau

China has issued licenses to the country's big three telecom carriers, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, to use low-and medium-band spectrum for nationwide 5G trial network construction, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said on 6th December.

With this China also set pressure on western mobile producers to adjust their software.

(Editors Note: a couple of days later the US Government ordered the detention of the Huawei CFO [daughter of the founder] which marks a new chapter of the trade war tension. Canada and US companies already prepare for upcoming trouble in China. Furthermore it wouldn't surprise if the Chinese government detains Western citizens. A questionable move by the US authorities in the East - West trade war.) [36]

Marriott Hacking Disaster Update
by @norbertomoreau

The security and hacking scene asks if Marriott is setting itself up for another hacking disaster. As known, Marriott sent millions of emails admitting that there was a massive data breach in its Starwood subsidiary’s database affecting 500 million guests. The problem is they sent it from the unknown domain email-marriott.com

(possibly to prevent being black listed with the main domain as Spammer) and without using a secure https account. A method many hackers take advantage of after data breaches for phishing. Furthermore compare email-marriott.com with email-marriot.com (a spoofed domain). Many cases happened like that in the last couple of years. Means it is a dangerous time for their clients to get informed.

(Editors Note: now everybody in the scene is speculating about Marriott’s carelessness. We hope that smart CIO/CTO managers watch similar domains or register similar domains to protect them away from hackers. From the hotel chain has been no response so far. We will stay updated! [39]2345

Kaspersky Security Statistics 2018
by @norbertomoreau

The year 2018 in figures:
• 30.01% of user computers were subjected to at least one Malware-class web attack over the year.
• Kaspersky Lab solutions repelled 1 876 998 691 attacks launched from online resources located all over the world.

• 554 159 621 unique URLs were recognized as malicious by web antivirus components.
• Kaspersky Lab’s web antivirus detected 21 643 946 unique malicious objects.
• 765 538 computers of unique users were targeted by encryptors.
• 5 638 828 computers of unique users were targeted by miners.
• Kaspersky Lab solutions blocked attempts to launch malware capable of stealing money via online banking on 830 135 devices.

All data were collected by Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) from users of 213 countries who agreed to provide it.[40]

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Coastal Real Estate

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Location is no longer the phrase for real estate!
by @norbertomoreau

The catchphrase for real estate is no longer ‘location, location, location.’ It’s now ‘technology, technology, technology,’ said Benedict Andrew Lim of E&Y, who moderated the Fintech panel discussion at the 2018 PropertyGuru Asia RealEstate Summit.

Asia Real Estate Summit
by @norbertomoreau

The Asia RealEstate Summit 2018 finished in Bangkok. A dedicated, high-level forum for industry leaders to come together to educate, innovate and inspire. The two-day agenda was packed with global experts

in proptech, fintech, smart cities and digital innovation. 20+ Speakers, 16 Markets, 350+ Delegates, 1 in 5 C-Level Executives or Business Owners, 78% Decision Makers.

Editors Note: property investments will always be more influenced by satellite topics.[33]

Most expensive island changes ownership
by @norbertomoreau

Sa Ferradura sits in the Bay of San Miguel just off the North coast of Ibiza, Spain. The island led in 2006 the list of Forbes of the most expensive islands in the world, with a price at that time of 33 million euros, although finally it was sold, apparently, for only 22 million. (see title picture)

Now, seven years later, it has changed hands again, although the identity of the new owner is not known (presumably a Russian billionaire) nor the price that they have come to pay for the exclusive six hectares of land that face the port of Sant Miquel on the North coast of Ibiza, Spain.
Meanwhile, a legion of workers - almost a hundred - have been working for weeks to rehabilitate the mansion and its surroundings. Everything is under construction.

Photo taken from a new construction in Altea, Spain (579m2, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Price 1,700,000 €)
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Asian Market

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Technology, automation, disruption in Asia
by cnbcinternational, wef

The WEF (World Economic Forum) predict that over the next four years, 75 million jobs will be displaced and 133 million new ones created globally as a result of technological developments. Southeast Asia home to some of the world's fastest-growing economies (specially the ASEAN-6 region: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam)

could result in the displacement of 28 million full-time equivalent jobs. Beside Job opportunities there will also net job losses of 6.6 million as workers lack the necessary skills.

Indonesia, the most populous nation in the region, is set to suffer that greatest proportion of the anticipated job displacement. Singapore in relative terms is expected to feel the greatest immediate impact of technological disruption.
Read more details on… cnbcinternational [11]2243:905

Dead & Gone - the PR disaster 2018 / 19!
by @norbertomoreau

Unprofessional PR work causes incalculable damage for a corporation with a net worth of $5.3 billion.
Dolce & Gabbana is now called Dead & Gone,expulsed from several markets in China and it could get worse.

Read about less mentioned background information from China on guanxieurope.com/163. We dedicate the Lemon Award to @DolceGabbana.[16]1111

Some coastal Chinese cities change visa terms
by @norbertomoreau

More Chinese cities to offer 144-hour visa free transit in 2019. Chengdu, capital of Southwest China's Sichuan province, Fujian province's coastal city of Xiamen, Shandong province's coastal city of Qingdao, Hubei province's capital city of Wuhan, and Yunnan province's capital city of Kunming will also implement the policy.

Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region have been offering the visa-free service, allowing transit passengers to stay up to six days in total.[18]

Chinas monitoring program 2018-2021
by @norbertomoreau

As known China makes citizens part of a technological network using tracking and facial recognition via the government’s 200 million cameras. It qualifies citizens based on their actions and reputations.

Follow government’s rules and showing pro-social behaviors, will raise benefits for education, jobs, travel, healthcare etc. Violate laws will pay a heavy price by being blocked from services. As this can be expected soon in the western world we suggest to follow this topic on our Read more on GUANXIeurope. Btw. to be fair with China, western people didn't get introduced that almost everything of their life gets tracked. [20]332

Jack Ma officially confirmed as a member of the Communist Party
by @norbertomoreau

There is a list of 100 people to be recognized on the 40th anniversary. The list includes business leaders, sports stars, scientists, astronauts and artists. The celebration is marking the time since the country’s economic reform and opening up.

The honorees include Tencent Holdings Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Pony Ma, Baidu Inc. CEO Robin Li, basketball star Yao Ming and volleyball coach Lang Ping. The most known person in the western world is Jack Ma from Chinas e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding.
Ma joined the party in 1980 and was a backer of President Xi’s policies in the past few years also endorsing China’s effort to build online surveillance. The membership confirmation was published through a state backed newspaper.[23]1525

New trends in China: 下海 (xià hǎi) jumping into the sea of business
by @norbertomoreau

There is a new trend in the Chinese society. People give up their secure jobs even in government positions to start their own business. It is called 下海 (xià hǎi) jump into the sea which now generally refers to quit the job to start an own business . (下海,最初指一种到大海里去的动作,如今一般指放弃原来的工作去经营商业和创业。)

Attention: 下海 (xià hǎi) was the "black talk" of the bottom society, which means that women are engaged in squatting or in the sex industry. After the reform and opening up, it was extended by the media to abandon the fixed work and engage in business and entrepreneurship. (改革开放之初,市场经济开始繁荣,一个新的自由空间正在出现。) But at that time, business was in the eyes of Chinese people a "smashed iron rice bowl" (砸烂铁饭碗), means there is no choice to go back. And sea is also a metaphor for the complicated and unpredictable "commercial sea". (一些人,主要是政府机关工作人员、国企员工等放弃他们的“铁饭碗”,转而到这一新的空间里创业经商、谋求发展。)

As business were producing high life quality and rich celebrities the phrase became a different meaning. More on guanxieurope.com/197 [31]2288

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2019 Michelin Stars for Spain and Portugal
by @norbertomoreau

These days the Michelin Stars for Spain and Portugal were announced. Special congrats to the eponymous Quique Dacosta around the corner here in Denia / Valencia. He received again ***Michelin Stars for his Restaurant quiquedacosta.es in Denia.

The details can be found here: guia.michelin.es. In 2018 some new establishments entered the selected club of the ***stars, **stars, *star. The complete selection for Spain & Portugal includes:
• 11 restaurants with ***stars (1 new),
• 31 restaurants with **stars (4 new),
• 190 restaurants with *star (25 new),
• 284 Bib Gourmand restaurants (22 new) [17]2291:1336

Dream Beach Maya Bay in Thailand known from movies
by Tim Newton

Certainly you have heard from the iconic Koh Phi Phi's Maya Bay Beach. It is now being closed until national park officials see some better signs of recovery in the damaged eco-system. Tim Newton from The Thaiger Magazine in Thailand reports ...


Letter from the British ambassador for the 300Tsd Brits in Spain
by @norbertomoreau

04-Nov-2018 - The British ambassador to Spain Simon Manley addresses the 300,000 British people who have chosen to make Spain their home have a legal guarantee that they will be allowed to stay here after the UK leaves the EU on March 29, 2019.

UK nationals living in Spain must register with the Spanish authorities and stay informed, he says. A website covers the Withdrawal Agreement gov.uk/living-in-spain and the Facebook channel BritsInSpain answers questions. Furthermore he suggests to sign up on the website for email alerts to stay up to date.
And he wish all British nationals living in Spain, a very merry Christmas. [30]

Image of the Week
by @norbertomoreau

This weeks image from the Spanish coast. Unusual landscape! Click the button to see which city.

Clouds over Benidorm, a skyscraper city on the Spanish Mediterranean coastline.
Photo taken by the Universidad Alicante (Laboratorio de Climatología) [32]2311

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